The Bohra Bazaar

A 2 day event was held at Frere Hall, and it was a successful event by the Bohra community. I loved the decoration, it was simply beautiful and also the food items available there were delicious. Although, few food items were missing from their special cuisine, but it was their first public event, so as per their first event, it was tremendous overall.

I tried this Chiki Micki and Cheese Ball from Bohra Darbar E Hakim.
Chicken cheese ball had a rich flavor of oozing cheese, yum! And, Chiki Micki didn’t only had a different name, but the flavor was different, too. It had a filling of chicken mince and cheese.


Freshly made donut from The Donut Factory 🍩, their tagline says it all, “always fresh”. This wasn’t a part of the bohra cuisine, but who doesn’t love a warm fresh donut topped with chocolate sauce?


Samosas from Ezzy Nimco, one was allu samosa and the other one was beef mince samosa. I liked beef samosa more as compared to allu samomsa, though both were delicious.


Sweets from F.T Sweets, I tried strawberry paira, blueberry paira and rainbow pista barfi. Pista barfi had a strong essence of coconut oil kinda flavour, I didn’t like it. Meanwhile, strawberry and blueberry pairas were delightful.


Fries were probably the last snack of the day, I had a wonderful time there.


Oh, these lights matched my logo, too. πŸ˜€



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