Burger O’ Clock

While reading all those beautifully written reviews on food groups with pictures to drool upon, I finally visited Burger O’ Clock with my friend to witness it myself, and guess what? I couldn’t decide what to order because I actually wanted to try their entire menu, which was pretty much impossible. Anyway, here’s what we ordered:


  • Pizza Burger
  • Messy meat burger (meal)
  • Gourmet fries (pizza fries and zesty BBQ fries)

I love black color and black themes, surprisingly; the burgers were served in a cute black box. I also loved the presentation of it, and they provided burger holders with their burgers. I also used my Bogo voucher to avail a discount offer that was buy one premium meal and get one premium burger free.


The messy meat burger was actually messy and it had a thick beef patty with sauces, onion rings, jalapeños, and pickles. If you are a meat lover, you’ll definitely love this burger. I would not recommend everyone to try this, because a chicken lover might not love the aroma of this thick beef patty.

Messy Meat burger

Pizza burger was the perfect replacement of a pizza. It had oozing cheese, jalapeños with a chicken patty, yet it wasn’t spicy. I’m sure everyone would love this burger because who doesn’t love pizza?

Pizza burger

Pizza fries were a cheese lover’s dream come true. If you drool over the videos of fries with a cheese pull and crave for it, then you’ve gotta visit Burger O’ Clock and have their pizza fries, they were simply delicious.

Pizza fries

Last but not least, Zesty BBQ fries, they didn’t have a wow factor and they were just regular fries topped with BBQ sauces.  However, they were delicious as well, but not as good as pizza fries.

Zesty BBQ fries

Summary information


  • Presentation
  • Quality
  • Value of money
  • Quantity


  • None

Food rating: 8/10

Service rating: 7/10

Presentation rating: 8/10

Value of money rating: 8/10


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  1. Rafia says:

    Look’s tempting


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