Color Craving

I crave for colors, do you? I love experimenting with my hair, I honestly hate boring hair. Therefore, I always keep on trying different hairstyles and colors. I have already tried dip dye and streak, so this time I wanted an ombre. It’s hard to find bright colors here in Pakistan because people usually prefer using brownish or redish colors, I wanted a pink ombre, but sadly, pink colored dye wasn’t available, only purple and blue colors were available.

Surprisingly, Keune has recently launched a series of dyes called “Color Craving”; the series includes dyes of 8 colors that are Cardinal Red, Sunset Copper, Powder Blue, Peach Mist, Passionate Pink, Lovely Lavender, Pink Plush and Velvet Violet. I would appreciate this effort by Keune, now finally these dyes will be easily available at your nearest store/supermarket soon. I love the fact that these dyes are easy to use and you can use it at home plus they are temporary, the color completely fades away after 9-10 washes.


As I crave for color and I wanted to try pink ombre, I went to Kenue’s office and thought to let a professional handle my hair instead of using this dye at home because my hair weren’t bleached. Moreover, only a dip dye or streaks can be done at home easily. Anyway, I chose Passionate Pink for ombre, though I wanted to blend Passionate Pink and Velvet Violet, but they suggested me to choose only one color. Colors like Passionate Pink, Cardinal Red and Velvet Violet require a bleaching of level 7 (Medium Blonde) and other colors require a bleaching of level 10 (Lightest Blonde).


Anyway, as soon as my ombre was done, they styled my hair and I simply loved the color! While looking at myself in the mirror, my brain said, “log kya kahinge?” and well, some people loved this color, meanwhile the others hated it. Then, I told myself, you’ve gotta deal with negatively, if you have a passion to try something different and do whatever makes you happy. This color is new for the society, so people are concerned about my hair a bit too much, actually more than I expected them to be.


Below are the pictures of the color fading away gradually with every wash.

First wash
Fourth wash
Sixth wash

If you want to purchase Keune’s Color Craving, you can order it online from or you can also purchase these directly from Keune’s office.

This quote is relatable,

It’s so different when you change your hair color, you’re treated so differently. It’s a very funny experience. It’s fun – I love changing up my hair.

-Kate Bosworth

Note: Ombre only looks good on curly or wavy hair, and I have straight hair, so it looks bad with straight hair. I curl my hair everyday or at least make them wavy somehow. Passionate Pink is a striking color and it is more prominent on straight hair. I would suggest girls with curly or wavy hair to use passionate pink color because their hair will look good effortlessly. 😉


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  1. Somewhere, someone said these golden words “I love dark themes, I hate colors.”

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