Vintage Cafe

I went to Vintage with my friends recently for the first time after its renovation. Vintage is located at Khayaban-e-Seher, off Saba Avenue, phase 6, DHA. The ambiance was good, but I liked their previous one better, it was more comfortable and had a vintage theme. Their staff was polite and welcoming, we settled down at our table and then the waiter gave us the menu. Finally, it was the time to make the tough decision to decide what to eat because being a foodie, we drool over every food item mentioned on the menu, lol.


Anyway, here’s what we ordered:

  • Cheese Overload
  • Chicken Roulade
  • Sliced Beef with Fresh Mushrooms

I redeemed my Bogo voucher (buy one main course and get one main course free).

Note: You can only use one voucher at Vintage per day, some people don’t know this policy and they end up being disappointed when they visit Vintage and try to avail two vouchers at the same time.

Now moving on the detailed review, let me start with Cheese Overload, it had two fried chicken fillets topped with olives, mushrooms and cheese served along with a special dip and I chose fries as a sideline. The chicken was crispy from outside and tender from inside, it was cooked to perfection, but the dip they served was below average, I would prefer to have it with ketchup instead. However, as the chicken was topped with cheese, it was already soft and juicy, so I guess a dip wasn’t required anyway. The presentation was okay-ish, there was no wow factor.

Cheese Overload

Chicken Roulades were a bit different here; their roulades were filled with feta cheese, served with spinach and rocket leaves topped with a creamy Dijon sauce. The chicken was over grilled, but their spinach was heavenly delicious. Roulades were topped with creamy Dijon sauce; the sauce was flavorful and had a kick. I noticed that they have reduced the serving size as well, as compared to the last time we ate Chicken Roulades before their renovation. The presentation was amazing, every element of their presentation was noticeable.

Chicken Roulades

Last but not least, Sliced Beef with Fresh Mushrooms was supposed to be our “Dish of the day”, but unfortunately, it was vice versa. Grilled beef was served on a bed of mashed potatoes with fresh mushrooms and creamy spinach. The beef was overcooked, it was extremely chewy, also the presentation was so bad, it felt like someone literally threw everything on the plate and served it.

Sliced Beef with Fresh Mushrooms

We asked our served what’s wrong with the beef today, why is it not up to the mark? He said, if we cook these slices of beef again, the beef would be stiff instead of being juicy and soft and if you want to replace your meal with chicken, let me do that for you. We politely said, no thank you, we don’t need a replacement; we just want you to improve the quality of the beef. After a few minutes, the manager came to us to know what was wrong and if he could do anything to make it better, he insisted us to order anything else, but we didn’t.

Sliced Beef with Fresh Mushrooms (better version)


When we asked our server to bring us our bill, the manager came to us with a plate of Sliced Beef with Mushrooms, although we insisted him not to serve us anything, we don’t need compensation, yet he asked us to try this and share our review. Honestly, this time the beef was juicy and soft plus mushrooms were really fresh, the presentation was better as well. I loved the fact how they took our review seriously and immediately improved the quality, I hope they maintain this wonderful service.

Summary Information:


  • Service
  • Management


  • Ambiance

Food rating: 8/10

Service rating: 10/10

Ambiance rating: 5/10


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