So, you have clicked this button to know a bit about me, well, here’s a little information about me:

My name is Alina and I live happily in Karachi, Pakistan. I’m an introvert who is trying to be an extrovert and I love coffee more than I love people. I’m a former freelance writer for Smash Magazine, Pakistan and Good Food Magazine, Pakistan. My main goal is to write blog posts using simple English words so that it is understandable for a layman.

Social Spirits is a blog about food, beauty, trends and entertainment. My goal is to provide the maximum amount of information to my readers, therefore I’ll try my level best to blog about as many things I can, even if they are not related to the fields mentioned above.

Note: I’m a foodie, so my blog posts will be related to food mostly. 😀
Happy reading! 🙂